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01:23pm 16/09/2007
  Greatings all,
was lovely seeing everyone (well, everyone i happened to see) over the last couple of weekends.
hopefully no-one caught hypothermia

and in answer to the bill bailey debate hillbilley zeplin was on "part Troll"

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04:49pm 27/10/2006
09:08pm 16/09/2006
  If your banks have charged you for going overdrawn for example, then it was probably an unlawfull charge. and as such you may be able to claim it back (sofar there are no reported cases of people losing against the banks)

these sites are were i obtined this info




i am about to start a claim against barclays (i will repost if it is sucsessful or not when the pertinant data is obtained) considering it is every charge they have done me on in the last 6 years, and at £25 a day for three days (max £75 a month hence the 3 days thing) this could return to me what is infact ILLEGALLY TAKEN MONEY!!!

even better you can get THEM to inform you of how much they have done you over for :D

anyway, i read the above articles and thought there was a chance that it may bennefit other people so i posted, now im gonna bugger orf and watch anime so i dont degenerate into random babbaling and ruin the cohesive structure and argument contained.

:D (ps. "one piece" rules:D)
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09:15am 04/09/2006
06:08pm 27/08/2006
  who uses SKYPE?  
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01:26pm 07/08/2006
  probably gonna be in selly oak on friday, whos around?  
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08:36pm 15/07/2006
  Tutene? Atque cuitus execitus?
You and whose army?
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12:51pm 29/03/2006
  mornin all, i have been a reclusive bastard for the last 6 months, i am now back!!!

the disertation is in

you wil be seeing me around once more
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09:38am 07/12/2005


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grant thingy   
02:29pm 20/05/2005
  where, when who what etc  
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again, about the university of birmingham crest   
01:36am 18/05/2005
  http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?UOBCREST&301 this is the website for the petition against us beoming UoB. please put this on your Lj if you agree so as to help spread the word  
04:00pm 26/04/2005
  yes, its a plug


a very big plug

pls attend


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10:34pm 18/02/2005
  cant belive i forgot to do this. arghhhh


has all the info, basically circus soc (purple mermaid circus soc in full) have a convention in the guild

Dates and Prices
The date is confirmed for Saturday 19th February. Convention is 10am-8pm; show is 8-10pm so only -1 days, 11 hours and 25 minutes left!

Price (inc. show): �6 / �5 concs. Show only price �3 / �2 concs.

games in the day, workshops, skills, and the show has profesionalls in, amasing, definitly worth it

see ppl tomorrow
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12:08am 16/02/2005



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New Years Eve   
12:08pm 21/12/2004
  what is everyone up to for New Years Eve?  
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region free software   
12:17pm 28/11/2004
  all fixed, yay housemate!

"does anyone have / know of any good software for making my computer dvd drive region free. as due to me being useless, and in another case ebay lying i now have a couple of region 1 dvd's that i now cant watch:(" origional
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swd info   
04:26pm 24/11/2004
  swd committiee meetings will be taking place on weds 5:30 - 7, room not yet booked as it needs to be booked during the day.  
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to WHOM it may concern   
03:37am 27/10/2004
  this should have been (and may well be) an email, but for now.....

(ohh, and pass it on to those who need to know, taa;)

Greetings to all from tiny and tall
hello all, tiny and tall (for those who don't know this is aimee your events sec and Tall mike, your treasurer)
aimee is whinging about my grammar and typing so will take over now
grrr, so I’m a perfectionist
anyway, just to let you all know that after a wild goose chase we have managed to book beorama bar for 7:30pm on thursday 28th (that is this thursday, yes this week) and we require your attendance for drinking and such fun... also, any questions about anything..write them down, put them in the pint glass I will 'steal' and we shall try and start off some discussions :)
back to Tall....
I was just gonna say we have done it so that next meeting is this thurs in beorma 7:30-8:30 (officially;)) but there u go, she fluffed it up and made it bigger (no naughtiness intended, 'onest;))
we hope to see you then then!
tiny xxx
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:D enjoy   
12:11am 25/10/2004
  What are your children learning?

Man Milk or Moo Milk? a quiz

Female or shemale? a quiz

i hope you enjoy:D
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11:57am 10/10/2004
  does any one know when and where the birmingham university role-play society meets? i have a feeling its sundays, but cant for the life of me remember/find online out WHERE!  
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